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Tessmer of Fairfax Sweeps Recent Awards:

Tessmer of Fairfax wins Best of Show

At the recent competition for professional photographers in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia Master Photographer Joseph (Joe) Tessmer won best of show, two prints tied for first place and his 4th print won a 2nd place ribbon.

Tessmer of Fairfax Named Best Social Event/Wedding Photographer

The Virginia Professional Photographers Association honors Tessmer of Fairfax

It has often been said that Tessmer of Fairfax has lots of laurels they just don't rest on them. To prove the point the Virginia Professional Photographers Association has awarded JoeTessmer one of the highest awards a photographer can receive. Best social event photographer. Social events include weddings, anniversaries, parties and funerals.

Artistic and Financial Success in the Photographic Profession:

May 16, 2011, sponsored by the Professional Photographers of America

It's the little things that make the difference. Producing and marketing outstanding photography can depend on hundreds of small decisions that have a large effect on your overall success. The selection and use of equipment, making the best use of your website and social networking sites…all contribute to your success. Join Cyndy and Joe, two Best of Show winners, for their useful insights into these details. To register go to http://www.ppa.com/education-events/sm/states/sm_state_va.php

Special Events - Early Order - Save 25%

Special Events include but are not limited to Portrait Parties, Dances, Recitals, Visits with Santa, and Confirmation Photographs.




A 1 8" X 10"    
B 2 5" X 7" Prints of the same image    
C 3 4" X 6" Prints of the same image    
D 4 3.5" X 5" Prints of the same image    
E 8 Wallets of the same image    
F 1 5" X 7" Print & 4 Wallets of the same image    
G 1 5" X 7" Print & 2 3.5" X 5" of the same image    
H 2 3.5" X 5" Prints & 4 Wallets of the same image    
I 16 Mini Prints 1 5/8" X 2" of the same image    
J 2 3.5" X 5" Prints and 8 Mini of the same image    
K 4 Wallets & 8 Mini of the same image    


All Special Event unit packages are priced at $40.00.

Save 25%, $30.00 per unit package, for orders placed within two weeks of the special event.